Factors determining the stature of the capacity of the currency commerce

The commerce with currency is usually decentralized in spite of the currency features and options. The stature of the capacity of the currency commerce comes out of this, when it is allowed to fix drifting rate of the currency. If the daily profits of the currency market in 1977 was $5 milliard in 1987 it grew up to $600 milliard, and in September 1992 it reached $1 trillion and in 2000 it settled it’s stature on $1.5 trillion. This serious stature is conditioned by some main factors:


On the currency market the volatility of the currency is main factor, determining the stature of the commerce capacities. Of course the volatility is not obligatory condition for making commerce. After all only tool securing the profitableness in the conditions of low volatility are the options.

Internationalization of the economic

Render big influence on the sizes of the stakes under review. The economics of the countries become more and more depending on each other, which shows the need of changing, showing the stature of the economic but the difference between the stakes under review is really influencing on the size of the currency rate.

Internationalization in the business

During the last decades in the business world the competition is growing creating fight for making bigger markets and searching for cheaper stuffs and human resources. The intensity of the economic internationalization really grew up in the 1990s because of the crash of the communism in Europe, also because the economical crisis in Southeast Asia and South America. These changes showed positive influence on the stature of the currency commerce as long as new kinds of deals are added.

Growing of the corporative interests

factors of currency commereceThe successful activity in the sphere of the production and the service abroad may reach zero level i.e. receiving profits in unremunerable conditions for exchange of the currency.
The realization of the currency commerce at all influence positively on the norm of the profit. That’s why the profit of the currency market for the last decades is growing. Many corporations use currency not only as an insurance but for capitalization using the opportunities existing only on the currency market

Stature of the qualification of the traders

The development of the computer technologies, of the program security and the telecommunications and grew up experience brings to growing of the level of the qualification of the traders. This grows the conviction of the traders in their own abilities ti receive profits and to decrease the risk during operations. That’s why the stature of the commerce qualification brings to growing of the capacity of the commerce.

Development of the telecommunications.

Leading in action during the 1980s of the automated dealing systems and so the coordinating systems in the start of the commerce over Internet in the end of the 1990s changed the well-known methods of the currency commerce. The dealing systems are more promising and more operative which allows to the traders to accomplish bigger number deals. Otherwise they are more safety as long as the traders can observe the executors of the deals. Than to their reliability speed and safety the dealing systems play main part in extension of the currency business

Development of the computer technologies and programming

Usage of computers plays important part on lot of stages from the accomplishment of the currency business. In addition to the dealing systems the coordinating systems connect all the traders all over the world, creating electronic broker market. The new office systems securing full accounting book-keeping, filling in of warrants and etc discharge the expense for their earning. The new program products give you opportunities to generate all types of graphics, add them with technical indicators and contribute the trader for long-lasting usage for low expense.