Easy Forex Review and analysis

With the fast growth of the Forex market on the entire planet, the online trading experience has gained a quite big popularity. This made it happen for numerous websites with Forex trading options to come up and make us join them immediately. But how to distinguish a bed Forex platform from a good one? The easiest thing you can do is to register and do some trades, of course. Though, this could be risky and time-wasting. To avoid these risks, you can, instead, read few reviews about different Forex platforms and collect the basic information about them. Thus, the decision becomes quite easy. Today, we are presenting you our quick and simple Easy Forex broker review. So, let`s get started.
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Main information to consider when you choose Easy Forex

The first impression that the Easy Forex broker makes is that it is a well-organized dealer with numerous options and few benefits to be attentive to. The market provides a large bunch of opportunities to trade at real time without wasting too much money and with the option to be rewarded with attractive bonuses, as well. The Easy Forex platform has an option for trading with commodities, but it is mainly oriented to online trading with foreign currencies, as well as with precious materials. The Easy Forex broker has a 10-year experience on the market and many punters have already estimated it as a top place for online trading with foreign currencies. The Easy Forex website is operated by the Cyprus-based Limassol Company. Though, the company has also firms across many other countries across the entire world – UK, Poland, Australia and Shanghai. All of them are oriented to the well-established and helpful customer support service. Meanwhile, the Easy Forex website holds the Australian Financial Services License and its regulator from Australia – the ASIC (very reputable and popular, by the way) has also its main bodies across the entire Europe. The latest regulatory rules by EU also integrated in the Easy Forex, too. All of these say only one thing – the Easy Forex broker is really safe and secured for you. In addition to this, the platform offers a large abundance of account packages that are specially tailored for the audience`s different needs. It is completely easy to say that Easy Forex is oriented to both – newcomers and high punters on the Forex online market. The website provides traditional accounts, as well the newest update on the market – the mini account with a minimum deposit 25 USD and a minimum transaction sum of up to 5000 USD. The leverage options are 100:1 and 500:1, while the payment methods are the common e-wallets such as Moneybookers, as well as the credit cards and bank transfers.
easy forex welcome bonus

Easy Forex Bonus System and Types

Easy Forex has been considered to be one of the tops sites with online trading beginner support program. It has varieties of learning tutorials and mini lectures. Though, the bonuses are still those motivations that make a newcomer to join the club of a particular Forex broker website. When it comes to Easy Forex platform, we might say it has a lot to show. Of course, the Easy Forex provides an attractive welcome bonus for all the newly registered clients. Here, it is 100%, which means that if you make a deposit of 200 USD, you will eventually have 400 USD as a primary sum of money to start trading on the website. There is also a less welcome bonus of 20%, which is bound with particular terms and conditions that give you some more benefits. Attention – whatever site for online trading you enter (including the Easy Forex) always read the terms and conditions before applying for a bonus or using it. Last, but not least, the Risk Free bonus of 300 USD is the top advantage that Easy Forex probably will gain more and more popularity on the market. It is similar to the well-known No Deposit Bonus. The philosophy is the same, but the name is different. You should be a newcomer on the website and to register to get the money as a reward. This reward will give you a chance to trade for free and see if the Easy Forex is really ok for you.

Easy Forex Software Information

Easy Forex uses the most popular software on the online trading market – the popular and very reliable (both – technically and customer-friendly) software system of the MetaTrader 4. Though, on the other side, the Easy Forex website runs its own operation platform – the Easy Forex – which shouldn’t be underestimated, either. Both software systems work really great together.

Why choosing the Easy Forex Broker?

There are a lot of benefits you can take from trading online on the Easy Forex website. Here are the best of them:

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